I opened my eyes
And I saw the white
I listened to the walls
And I heard the howls

This was not my place
So I touched the ground
It was so cold
Yet I felt the fire

I gazed at them
They saw me blinked
So I went near the window
And started to dream

I was playing in the rain
It poured me pain
But I never cared
It will go away

I was flying in the sky
I touched the clouds
The air met my eyes
So it dropped some salt

I let myself fall
Into the deep
There was I, a fish
Swimming as I sleep

Now I went up
And caught some breathe
I found an island
Full of trees

Wander and ponder
I did at the woods
Jumped on the branches
Wrote some words

‘It will be true’ it said
I will grow up
I’ll go back there
But the sun now set

I followed the light
And some wolves did
They didn’t bite
Yet I stopped

I shouted at them
But they were gone
I didn’t know what happened
I just followed the sun

I ran in the forest
I dove into the ocean
I flew above the sky
I stepped in the rain

It was all too late
I was lost
How can I go back
When it was cold

So I burned in the ground
And stared at the gold
I heard them cry
But where was I?

I closed my eyes
And I saw the light
I listened to myself
But I can’t hear a sigh