Summer has come
and so as your
sadness and doubt.
The sun is
at its hottest state
but you, you are
at your coldest
green house
waiting to blossom
just to die.

So you turn away
from the light
because you are
afraid of what
might happen.
The rays are reaching
to you, your petals,
but it’s the shadow
you are looking at.

Shades creep out
through the window.
By that you notice
the world outside.
There were people
making sand castles.

Still you choose
to ignore the joy
found in your smile.
You rejected the sunlight,
even it’s inevitable
and eternal.

Summer has come,
and you have to
remember, it’s
not just the sun
that is watching.
There are still clouds,
rain, breeze, and
the crashing waves.

Summer will come,
summer will go.
Just like everyone.
Just like everything.
Just like your sorrow in
the heat of the summer.