Gone, gone, gone
Like a rain drop
poured out
on the roof and
absorbed by the soil,
you are gone.

Though I see you,
you are invisible.
A wave crashing
on a still land.
Light coming from
the burning sun.

You are gone
like a supernova.
Creating energy
which I can’t
Consuming every
matter with your
black hole.

Some may think
you’re a
I think you
are an
Giving me hope
that disappears
faster than
a bubble does.

Nevertheless, I
still searched for you.
Under the ocean,
through the space,
in my mind.
They all went
on a ramble
and gave me
what they call

What I’ve found
in it is not
only you.
I was also
staring at
looking for you
since then.
Because you were gone.

Gone, gone.
Like a teardrop
down my face
and absorbed
by my lips
you were gone.