A boy didn’t go to sleep one night. The evening was rather full of sad winds and howling of the free minds. All of these kept him awake, and by that he took on a venture along the deserted road outside.

He was sure that while he was walking, the cold air was whispering something. It said follow all the street lights. The posts however, were all grays and had dull bulbs, flickering and staying alive. Nevertheless he went off and let the moon lift him up as high as the cloud.

There he saw what the lights look like from above. No, the neighborhood wasn’t as sorrowful as it may seem. It was sparkling, like the stars.
The sight was magical, but the boy suddenly fell off and hit the ground.

“Why should it end, when it seems like it’s eternal from the very start?”, asked the boy.
And the sad winds and loud minds answer him.
“That’s the reason it comes at night child, to let you wander when you can’t, to make you happy when you’re sad, to make you realize. But that doesn’t mean it has end. It is eternal just like you. So now get up, for the vast space is waiting for you to discover them, just like you did when you choose to fly.”