“But what about the moon?”, I said to the sun. I was directly looking at him, and my eyes were burning. My tears, I believed, saved me from being blind.

“The moon will do fine. She has stars with her,” said the sun, with all his rays piercing through my transparent body. “Just wait for her, okay?”

I nodded. With heavy feelings still in my chest, I looked away and went to a big tree nearby. The shade it offered gave me some sort of solace, but it could never be like what the moon gave me in the night.

And so I waited. When the twilight finally came, I stood and ran to the grass fields. Freedom. Tranquility. I could feel them coming now. Tears were streaming down my face again.

The sun was gone now and the clouds were all cleared up. I looked up and searched for the moon. Instead, I was just looking at the stars.

“Where’s the moon?”, I asked to the stars, with a voice I’ve never had before.

“Where are you?”

Then I realized I wasn’t really looking above. I was looking everywhere, and everywhere I looked was just darkness looming beyond.

I forgot.