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The Reason It Comes At Night

A boy didn’t go to sleep one night. The evening was rather full of sad winds and howling of the free minds. All of these kept him awake, and by that he took on a venture along the deserted road outside.

He was sure that while he was walking, the cold air was whispering something. It said follow all the street lights. The posts however, were all grays and had dull bulbs, flickering and staying alive. Nevertheless he went off and let the moon lift him up as high as the cloud.

There he saw what the lights look like from above. No, the neighborhood wasn’t as sorrowful as it may seem. It was sparkling, like the stars.
The sight was magical, but the boy suddenly fell off and hit the ground.

“Why should it end, when it seems like it’s eternal from the very start?”, asked the boy.
And the sad winds and loud minds answer him.
“That’s the reason it comes at night child, to let you wander when you can’t, to make you happy when you’re sad, to make you realize. But that doesn’t mean it has end. It is eternal just like you. So now get up, for the vast space is waiting for you to discover them, just like you did when you choose to fly.”

Noir #3

Nearly Witches, Panic! at the Disco

Photo, edit by me

Me, The 1975

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Photo, edit by me

For The Never Fluctuating Light

Ma, I made a poem
about you.
It might not be
as beautiful as you are,
but I hope
this shows
how much I love you.

Words couldn’t explain
the light you gave
ever since I first
saw the world.

For you’re a poetry,
a bright moon to the
falling eyes.
A paragraph that has
no definite end,
rhyming with every
cries of your child.

Apollo 11

What have we
done wrong?
We were lost
but still in the map.
Blinded by the sun
yet we still
crave for its light.

Maybe because
we let that
light burn
our maps.
Now we get
So we just
shut our eyes
and listened
to the howling
of the night.

That’s where we
found ourselves.
The dark made us
realized that
we did something

We tend to search
for guidance
in the scorching sun.
Yet there is
the moon, always
surrounding us.


Staying Away

I was mesmerized
by the moon
It was as pink,
glowing, and
beautiful as you.

Even more enthralled
when after
looking at it,
we were
staring at
each other.

Oh, how I want
the stars to
We became
castaways of
the night.

A Playlist

Music for the nights and dawns alike. Listen.

Last Night

How can we
from here?

We are
voiceless, but
our mouths
are already
speaking of
us being
alone together.

Our eyes are
stealing moments
just to see
each other.
The vision is
it’s the

that’s how.
We can be
gone here,
by the glasses
filled with

So we get
But we still
are visible.

That’s when
I realize that
our minds
and thoughts
can vanish,
but not us.

For we are
not alone.
We cannot
from here.


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