Along The Vast

Ocean. Space. Mind.


The future’s uncertain so let’s make the present known.



Monumental Vision

To your breathe I got lost
and melted all the way
when your lips traced the lines
from my neck to my mouth

To your gaze I surrender
everything that is to see
and touch with your eyes
that made mine shiver

To your caress I found
the stars and the ocean
as vast as the ground
we are laying upon tonight

To your voice I conquer
the constraints that took
my cry of desperation
for your beautiful mouth

To your existence I finally
predicated myself along
the cosmos and beside you
until the universe itself dies


Midnights Are Virtuous

Words do not suffice in the early morning
If in the last night you are what I’m thinking
I need the whole day and night to forget you
And maybe my whole life to write about you

I can’t seem to figure out the right sentences
To show you how much I want to cross your fences
And at dawn I need to get pass through your wall
So in the morning I can finally fall

Oh my, what have you done to mend me and break me at the same time?
You have that smile that melts me yet completes me
You have those eyes that make me shiver in a hot night
You turn my evenings into noons, and my noons into dawns

You have all my paragraphs written from midnight to midnight
For my whole day is meant to remember you always, love


Forgetting the Vast

If even after the stars showed their lights
Even after the waves devoured the land
And still I remember you every day
How can I stop you running in my mind?

For the long time I saw your eyes
Oh, I could see the galaxy
Through the years of yearning your lips
I learned the beauty of the seas

Maybe it was stupid to let you go
Maybe even more so wrong to forget
All the vast things I’ve experienced with you

You were the cosmos, dark and dazzling
You were the ocean, chaotic and calm

Yours is the wonder that I never forgot


But what about the moon?

“But what about the moon?”, I said to the sun. I was directly looking at him, and my eyes were burning. My tears, I believed, saved me from being blind.

“The moon will do fine. She has stars with her,” said the sun, with all his rays piercing through my transparent body. “Just wait for her, okay?”

I nodded. With heavy feelings still in my chest, I looked away and went to a big tree nearby. The shade it offered gave me some sort of solace, but it could never be like what the moon gave me in the night.

And so I waited. When the twilight finally came, I stood and ran to the grass fields. Freedom. Tranquility. I could feel them coming now. Tears were streaming down my face again.

The sun was gone now and the clouds were all cleared up. I looked up and searched for the moon. Instead, I was just looking at the stars.

“Where’s the moon?”, I asked to the stars, with a voice I’ve never had before.

“Where are you?”

Then I realized I wasn’t really looking above. I was looking everywhere, and everywhere I looked was just darkness looming beyond.

I forgot.

Our Minds Say It All

What does your heart desire?
What does your longing tell you?
Are you thinking about someone?
You don’t really know

Or maybe, you already found
All the answers to every questions
That are bothering you
You just don’t know where they came from

It is just you, perhaps
‘Perhaps’, is that what your heart desires?
You’ve been longing for everything
Perhaps you can have those with someone


The Grand Scheme of the Cosmos

If this night would end
just as fast as it started,
can we just pretend
that we are in love?

For tonight, the moon
and the stars,
and the universe
are all aligned

It would be a waste of beauty
if we still choose to ignore
what the planets conspired
for the two of us

As If The Seas Mind

There was an ocean
invisible to thee
Its waves devoured us
for what seemed eternity

I was sent to the sulky void
under the bouldered cliff
And thou, thou only seest
the chaotic sea

For what our dreams had been
Why thou should leave me hanging?
I didn’t fear loving thee
Now I liveth in fear, drowning


There Is Only The Void

He’s finding someone to fill him up.
And in the process of searching,
he only makes himself more vulnerable to pain.
This makes him more broken.
By that he realized, he’s never gonna find someone that will fill the blanks in his life.
There is only the void now, gradually increasing in size as he lives his poor life.


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