Along The Vast

Ocean. Space. Mind.

But what about the moon?

“But what about the moon?”, I said to the sun. I was directly looking at him, and my eyes were burning. My tears, I believed, saved me from being blind.

“The moon will do fine. She has stars with her,” said the sun, with all his rays piercing through my transparent body. “Just wait for her, okay?”

I nodded. With heavy feelings still in my chest, I looked away and went to a big tree nearby. The shade it offered gave me some sort of solace, but it could never be like what the moon gave me in the night.

And so I waited. When the twilight finally came, I stood and ran to the grass fields. Freedom. Tranquility. I could feel them coming now. Tears were streaming down my face again.

The sun was gone now and the clouds were all cleared up. I looked up and searched for the moon. Instead, I was just looking at the stars.

“Where’s the moon?”, I asked to the stars, with a voice I’ve never had before.

“Where are you?”

Then I realized I wasn’t really looking above. I was looking everywhere, and everywhere I looked was just darkness looming beyond.

I forgot.


Our Minds Say It All

What does your heart desire?
What does your longing tell you?
Are you thinking about someone?
You don’t really know

Or maybe, you already found
All the answers to every questions
That are bothering you
You just don’t know where they came from

It is just you, perhaps
‘Perhaps’, is that what your heart desires?
You’ve been longing for everything
Perhaps you can have those with someone


The Grand Scheme of the Cosmos

If this night would end
just as fast as it started,
can we just pretend
that we are in love?

For tonight, the moon
and the stars,
and the universe
are all aligned

It would be a waste of beauty
if we still choose to ignore
what the planets conspired
for the two of us

As If The Seas Mind

There was an ocean
invisible to thee
Its waves devoured us
for what seemed eternity

I was sent to the sulky void
under the bouldered cliff
And thou, thou only seest
the chaotic sea

For what our dreams had been
Why thou should leave me hanging?
I didn’t fear loving thee
Now I liveth in fear, drowning


There Is Only The Void

He’s finding someone to fill him up.
And in the process of searching,
he only makes himself more vulnerable to pain.
This makes him more broken.
By that he realized, he’s never gonna find someone that will fill the blanks in his life.
There is only the void now, gradually increasing in size as he lives his poor life.



A babe was alone.
And then he wasn’t.

He found toys in his crib.
He played with it.
Until the toys didn’t make
him laugh anymore.

A child was alone.
And then he wasn’t.

There were new things
to discover now.
His self, his nature, his life.
There were also games.
But he realized that the world
doesn’t always work the way he wanted it

A boy was alone.
And then he wasn’t.

Many people he have met.
Many things he have written.
Until his poetry is now all about
the people he thought that cared for him.

And then he was alone again.


Gale of the Calm Storm

That time when your eyes reflect the ocean
All the waves and the breezes tinge my skin
My tranquil sea, you are my devotion

If you take me to the deep, I’d drown in
For no trenches are dark and abysmal
When two souls are already a ruin

Make me understand, my celestial
Did the stars dive yet into the water?
If not, then we all shall be eternal

So let’s just sit on this sand with laughter
Let me dry out the ocean in your eyes
Then our souls will mend, now, and hereafter

Paint me with your cold lips and emotion
For you are the color of the ocean


When the Hue is Gone

Just kill me tonight, take away my pain
If you don’t mean to stay and give your life
My darling, all I need is your red rain

I don’t mean to slay you and cause a strife
No, my lips are just dry and need dousing
Maybe I’d make them blue by some dull knife

Because that’s how I feel when you’re fleeing
I’ll make the sky watch you turn into wine
Oh, will the stars ever be forgiving?

Hear me, see me, and give me all the signs
Then you shall be free from all the darkness
While I look in the mirror, the divine

After that I’ll realize that again,
I took all my colors but not the pain


Blood and Wine

We have been exiled by the moon and stars
We have been painted black and white and gray
The sharp cold winds of the night gave us scars

Wounds and broken skin, they needed to stay
So we’re the ones who tried to forget them
By drowning ourselves and keeping away

From all the blues and the hues we breathe in
Isn’t it just normal to stay insane?
But what a shame, the dark is a mayhem

Oh tell me, what was it you told me then
That made my eyes search for the dark places
I forgot all of it, I was in pain

We have been given the night and its fire
It’s a pity we became so afar


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